100% कपास प्लड Patchwork ओभरराइड स्वेटर


A bright oversized flower invites smiles from all directions. This unique, oversized shirt dress is going to get you loads of credit for street style. It's causal and grunge, boho and hippie. It's a fabulous fusion of fashion! An extra-long shirt with long plaid cuffed sleeves was made for skinny jeans or tights. The backside has the look of a flannel shirt wrapped around the waist, the hallmark of grunge fashion. Whether you're going to band practice, heading to a festival or spending the day journaling at your favorite coffee shop this loose-fitting, comfortable shirt will put you on top of the urban chic fashion charts. Be nice and be authentic. Peace out! 


  • शैली: आरामदायक ग्रंज शैली
  • कपडा प्रकार: Broadcloth
  • सामाग्री: कपास
  • कलर: Hooded

लम्बाई: 88-100 सीसी बस्ट आकार: 125 सेमी

सबै आदेशहरूमा नि: शुल्क विश्वव्यापी वितरण। न्यूनतम आवश्यक छैन।

हामी हाम्रा ग्राहकहरूलाई 30 दिन रिटर्न वा प्रतिस्थापन वारंटीको साथ सुविधा दिन्छौं। यसले तपाईंलाई लापरवाह रवैयामा वस्तुहरू खरीद गर्न र बुद्धात्रिवृत्तहरूमा अद्भुत खरीदारी अनुभव पाउँछ।


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