सबै आदेशहरूमा नि: शुल्क विश्वव्यापी डिलिवरीको आनन्द लिनुहोस्, न्यूनतम आवश्यकता पर्दैन!


बटिङ स्लिलेस एसिमिटर लिनन कपडा

Sometimes simplicity is the most beautiful choice. We started with a soft linen fabric, a rich deep color, and a loose versatile design. The rest is up to you. Your unique size, shape, and attitude are what gives life and originality to this casual hip linen dress. Women are dynamic and ever-changing. Allow this dress to be your canvas and invent new ways to be you. Add some beads, a colorful floppy hat and clogs for a playful hippie look. A bright red scarf with big black sunglasses creates a striking and mysterious look. Or just throw this dress on over your swimsuit and head to the beach with a book. Have fun exploring yourself in our extra versatile natural fiber spring linen dress. An extra loose and roomy fit for women large and small. One size. Available in two colors: Purple and Jujube Red

  • सामाग्री: लिनन, कपास
  • बाहुला लम्बाइ (सेमी): पूर्ण
  • नमूना प्रकार: ठोस
  • शैली: पुराना
  • कपडे लंबाई: मध्य-बाछो
  • स्लिभ शैली: बटिङ आस्तीन
  • कपडा: कपास 30%, लिनन 70%
  • आकार: एक आकार

एक आकार: लम्बाइ 100cm, बस्ट 164सेमी, कंधे 41cm, आस्तीन 40सेमी, कफ 37 सेमी।

सबै आदेशहरूमा नि: शुल्क विश्वव्यापी वितरण। न्यूनतम आवश्यक छैन।

हामी हाम्रा ग्राहकहरूलाई 30 दिन रिटर्न वा प्रतिस्थापन वारंटीको साथ सुविधा दिन्छौं। यसले तपाईंलाई लापरवाह रवैयामा वस्तुहरू खरीद गर्न र बुद्धात्रिवृत्तहरूमा अद्भुत खरीदारी अनुभव पाउँछ।


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